2018 Yelland and Papps Second Take Mataro

Mataro is so Spanish isn’t it?  I can picture a Spaniard doing the dance of the matador, dressed in his flamboyant costume, saying the word while extending the ‘a’ and rolling the ‘r’, followed by stomping his feet, then placing one hand on his hip, the other raised above his head as he points his nose to the air.  Almost like a challenge, sort of like a declaration, but more like a moment of pride in his native country where the grape, allegedly, has its origins (that’s a debate I’m not getting into).

I can’t say I have tried a traditional Spanish Monastrell (the preferred name for Mataro these days) but I reckon the locals would be enamoured with the way the Mataro has been made on this occasion.

A pretty purply, crimsony colour in the glass sets things off in a traditional sense when it comes to the variety.  Tasting it revealed spicy and slightly peppery characters along with plenty of fruit flavours that liven the palate.  Blueberries, juicy plump plums and dark cherries are all in there contributing as it peters off very pleasantly with lovely smooth tannins.  It’s like Michael Papps has put the fruit, the spices, the tannins and the magic of this wine through a wine weaving loon and produced a mataro that pleases the olfactory senses with ease.

Yelland & Papps Website

Region: Barossa Valley, SA     Price: $45     Source: Sample thanks to Yelland & Papps

Y&P 2nd Mataro

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