2018 Dr Edge Pinot Noir

In case you didn’t know, Dr Edge is a play on the surname of the winemaker and owner of this label, Peter Dredge.  If you have met him and/or know him, this sort of thing comes as no surprise.  He is a creative fellow who is an extremely efficient, particular and talented winemaker, yet an affable and genuine person too.  You can’t help but like the rascal.

He makes four pinot noirs all up, but this one is made from fruit sourced from vineyards in the north, south and east of Tasmania.  If there was a vineyard on the west coast of Tasmania, I’ve no doubt Pete would’ve sourced some grapes from there too and included them in this wine.  He has brought the climatically and regionally different fruit together to produce a beautiful wine that is true to the variety.

A glistening cherry red colour in the glass, it has delicate yet intense aromatics.  This sounds odd I know but that’s how it seemed to me and it’s all red fruits at this stage of proceedings.  No different on the palate either and don’t be fooled by the colour.  There’s plenty of juicy raspberries and strawberries, with a slight sour cherry note, all of which are the fruits of choice.  There’s a funkiness that, to me, suggests some whole bunch inclusion, lots of flavour to take in, delicate tannins, and there’s persistence and elegance.  Everything seems in perfect balance right now but I’m sure it would appreciate some time in the cellar, but not too much.  Loved this pinot noir a lot!

Dr Edge Website

Region: North, South & East Tasmania     Price: $50     Source: Online Purchase



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