2017 Grey Sands Blanc de Noir

Dare to be different.  We see it everyday.  It could be the way some people dress, colour their hair, cut their sandwich or position their driver’s seat.  But it is only different to us because it’s not how we wear our clothes, do what we do with our hair, eat our food or drive our car.

There was instantly a ‘wow’ reaction from my guests, followed by “that’s different” after tasting this wine.  When I queried why they thought it was different, the response was, “well, it’s a white pinot noir, different to a normal pinot noir.”  The comment was due to the colour of the pinot noir, not the wine itself.  Don’t get me wrong, it is different, but only because it’s not what we are used to seeing.

Just like that person with the ‘different’ haircut or wearing the ‘different’ coat are now seen as part of the ‘norm’ these days, this ‘different’ pinot noir could become, let’s say, not so different.

From the website, “…whole bunch pressed to old French oak barrels, indigenous yeast ferment then nine months lees contact before bottling.”  It’s a wine that almost demands interest.

It’s a beautiful colour, so very attractive.  It has very pretty aromas too.  Not entirely sure how else to describe it, however, there is a red fruit character that reminds me of it’s varietal origins if you like.  There is heaps of flavour which doesn’t let up.  It’s like strawberry and apple juice but with alcohol included, in a complementary way, but not sweet at all.  There’s some lovely texture too that seems to spread and coat the palate with just a delicate touch of spice that lingers long.  It’s another delicious wine in the Grey Sands stable that is definitely worth seeking out.

Grey Sands Website

Region: Glengarry, Northern Tasmania    Price: $40     Source: Generous gift

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