2018 De Iuliis Rosé

Gone are the days when Rosé sat forever and a day on the bottle shop shelf and there may have been one, possibly two, in the fridge.  From conversations with a few bottle shop managers I know, things have certainly changed.  The response now is “I can’t keep up with sales!”

Smells fresh, delightful and inviting like a red berry basket full of fun (if you know what I mean).  The palate is no different, but with added texture, a deft hint of spice, a smooth effortless finish, and you have something bloody delicious to drink.  It was only in our fridge for about two hours and I think it liked this treatment.  Temperaturely massaged to bring out its best.  Yeah, that about sums it up really.

Here in Tassie, you’re not likely to see this one in a bottle shop in your local neighbourhood.  May I suggest you talk to your friends and family, get together and buy some of this wine off the website.  It’s bound to sell out regardless of whether it’s Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter.

De Iuliis Website

Region: Broke, NSW    Price: $20     Source: Generous gift thanks to Mike De Iuliis


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