2018 Sandergrove Estate ‘Straw Boss’ Adelaide Hills Riesling

It wasn’t that long ago I got into a mates car expecting it to be just like any other version of that particular car but alas, no.  Apart from being built the same, looking the same, having the same name and same everything else (probably), it seemed to have these little idiosyncrasies of its own that made it unique.  Over the years my mate had ‘made’ that car his car and he was proud of it and nobody knew it better than he and gee it was good to ride in.

I don’t remember trying any rieslings from the Adelaide Hills and I’m beginning to think, after trying this one, that the producers in the Hills think the same about this variety as my mate does about his car.  It’s unique, they’ve made it their own and mighty proud of it…and so they should be if this is anything to go by.

It was a bit shy on the nose to start with but a nice bit of citrus character introduced itself before too long.  Off to a good varietal start that put me in a happy place.  The palate was not what I expected for a riesling though.  It may be the Adelaide Hills influence but there was some pear and honeydew melon fruits chiming in with a deft touch of something like the diet version of Bickfords lime cordial as well adding a nice but delicate hit of citrus notes on the palate.  Texture plays a nice little bit part with this wine on a better than medium length finish.

This is a very easy drinking riesling that would no doubt please the discerning riesling drinker and, I’d go as so far to say, would bring back the discontent riesling drinker of the past.

Sandergrove Estate Website

Region: Adelaide Hills, SA     Price: $24     Source: Sample thanks to Jen & Pete of Sandergrove Estate

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