2018 Gartelmann ‘Jessica’ Verdelho

Deh Lo. Ver-deh-eh-eh-lo.  End o’ day come and me wan’ go home for, Deh Lo.  Ver-deh-eh-eh-lo.  End o’ day come and me wan’ go home.  Okay so the Banana Boat song doesn’t quite go like that (it’s stuck in your head now isn’t it) but, the tropical feel of the song is indicative of the fruit that this wine purveys and more!

I don’t see much Verdelho in bottle shops around Hobart let alone get to try it.  That’s fair enough I suppose because it’s not exactly a well known variety in these parts, but mention it and people remember.  A bit like that song I mentioned, it’s rare you’ll here it on the radio but every knows it, and sings along, when they hear it.

Very good fruit salad nose to get things started and it doesn’t ease off at any stage of proceedings.  It has a rich, juicy, textural palate where pineapple, passionfruit and apple seem to be the main ingredients of this fruit assemblage.  I don’t know if it’s because of that generous fruit salad flavour of the wine but I could almost swear there was some creaminess too (on top, just how I like my fruit salad).  I really enjoyed the freshness of this Verdelho as well, which I reckon can be attributed to a nice touch of acid on the finish and it complemented the ample fruit.  Good work!

Gartelmann Website

Region: Hunter Valley, NSW     Price: $22     Source: Sample courtesy of Gartelmann Wines and Define Wine

Gartelmann JessicaVerd

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