2015 Clemens Hill Old Clones Pinot Noir

The Coal River Valley is close, it’s not very far. We go there often, a leisurely drive in our car.

The Pinots are great they consistently shine through, with colour, perfume whether they’re old or new.

This Clemens Hill example is oh so fine, the structure is perfect and it’ll develop with time.

The colour is deep, like delicious blood plums, but it’s the nose that starts the roll of the drums.

Aromas of dark cherries and those plums again.  Just for the nose, it deserves a ten out of ten.

Flavours abound on the palate you’ll see.  Cherries, spice and plums are what impressed me.

It’s rich and delicate with finesse on its side and it keeps on going for a long sumptuous ride.

What a pleasure this was to smell and to taste. I suggest you buy it with the utmost haste.

It’s not on the website, I’m not sure why. The only reason I can think of is the quantities are not high.

So get in touch by clicking the link here What a way to start your wine buying year!

Clemens Hill Website

Region: Coal River Valley, Tasmania     Price: $55    Source: Gift


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