2018 Robert Stein Farm Series Semillon Riesling Gewürztraminer

A few years ago I was lucky enough to do a short tour of Dublin.  I remember going to a particular area and a particular street, the names of which escape me, where the doors to the identically built homes were painted in different colours.  From what I remember being told by the tour guide, be it the truth or Irish fable, it was so when the drunk men came home from the pub, they would look for the coloured door to their house.  I must say, the doors stood out so much, they were the main attraction even though they were but a small part of the houses’ facades.

The Gewürztraminer in this wine is the facade’s coloured door of this Farm Series blend.  It is only 17% of the blend yet immediately had my attention when I stuck my nose in the glass after giving it a good swirl.  Not that it dominates, but it has its delicate pot pourri/rose petal nose in front at this stage.

I didn’t know what to expect when I tasted it and, to be honest, it was because of the price.  It offers up plenty of fruit and it’s a touch sweet although not enough to be a nuisance.  There’s stonefruits…sure, like apricots and (to a lesser extent) peaches that give it some nice flavour.  Texture presents too giving some breadth on the palate,  probably due to the 58% Semillon, and 25% Riesling chiming in adding freshness and some gentle acidity on the finish.  A very neat package indeed.

I couldn’t find it on the Robert Stein Website so check with David Cumming of  Define Wine I’m sure he will put you on the right track.

Region: Mudgee, NSW    Price: $18     Source: Sample courtesy of Robert Stein Wines and Define Wine.



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