2017 Angullong Fossil Hill Sangiovese

I so admire the Italians when it comes to food, wine and life.  From what I have seen on telly, and having visited there, they always seem to know what they want, when they want it, how they want it and they don’t have to have a reason for it.  Whether it’s family, friends, neighbours or television show hosts, there is plenty of food, wine, animated conversation and frivolity.  Oh, and music too.  They have many of the ingredients for the recipe of life sorted.  I think Sangiovese would have to one of those ingredients.

It’s a beautiful glossy medium red colour.  It took it’s sweet time showing some aromas but it’s certainly worth it.  Hello cherries, beautiful blackberries and subtle herbs come together very nicely here.  Pretty much the same on the medium bodied palate but they became friends with blue fruits and delicate spices (food teased this out I think).  I expected the tannins to be more prominent but they were gentle, smooth and found their groove with the fruit.

Potrei bere questo per giorni!! (I could drink this for days!!)

Angullong Website

Region: Orange Region, NSW     Price: $26     Source: Sample courtesy of Angullong and Define Wine


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