2017 Garagiste Merricks Pinot Noir

I reckon I could count on one hand the amount of Mornington Peninsula pinot noirs I’ve drunk over the years.  This is not because I’m not a fan, it’s simply because they don’t seem to be promoted that much and another region in Victoria gets most of the attention.  The other thing I must mention is this is the first Garagiste wine I’ve had the pleasure of trying.  I have to say, I’m impressed…mighty impressed.

It looks like pinot in the glass, so for me, that’s a good start.  From here on in, this wine got very interesting.  Talk about complex.  This has it in spades!

It smells herbal, stemmy (in a good way mind you), spicy, fresh and juicy fruity.  That good start I mentioned earlier just moved up a rung.  It’s so varietal and delightfully delicate on the palate.  Those herbs and spices are still there with some juicy dark cherry fruit, plums, tannins are super supportive (sounds odd but try it you’ll know what I mean) and it lingers long.  I couldn’t help but savour the flavours.  If there were two words I could use to sum up this wine they would be ‘complex’ and ‘complete’.

Garagiste Website

Region: Mornington Peninsula, Vic     Price: $45     Source: Wine tasting.

Garagiste Merricks PN


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