2017 Bay of Fires Riesling

We’ve been having some bitterly cold and windy days here in Hobart over the last week.  I suppose it shouldn’t come as any surprise considering it is still winter.  Hence, I haven’t been drinking much of this variety.  Very unlike me I know.  I am so glad I happened to be in the right place at the right time when this presented itself.

It’s great on the nose.  I expected the usual citrus characters of lemons and limes and they are definitely there but there was a hint of pears as well.  I kept taking in the aromas and almost forgot to breath out!

The palate is fresh, zingy and citrusy but add texture, richness, clean acidity (don’t know how else to describe it) and excellent length and you get this delicious, beautifully balanced Riesling.  It is the complete package, simple as that.  Loved it!

Bay of Fires Website

Region: Tasmania     Price: $35     Source: Wine Tasting


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  1. LifeInAGlass says:

    I’m actually really enjoying riesling mid-winter, especially the middle aged ones. So good!

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