2017 XO Wine Co ‘Small Batch’ Shiraz Grenache

I tried the XO Shiraz and the XO Grenache so now it’s time to try the XO Shiraz Grenache.  Seems to be the natural order of things don’t you think?

It starts off with fresh berry basket and spiced cherry aromas.  This is so alive you’d be forgiven for looking for a pulse.  What I can tell you as well is, this is all about the fruit, no doubt about that.

Tuck in and you’ll find there is definitely red berries about, blackcurrants for sure and I tasted some juicy plums as well.  There is a nice touch of delicate spice and while it’s  medium weight on the palate, it offers plenty of flavour.

This is very easy to drink and when you add up all it offers the punter, then compare it to the price, you’re on a winner here!

XO Wine Co. Website

Region: McLaren Vale, SA     Price: $24     Source: Sample

Bottle photography as refined as your wine by CSP Creative

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