2016 Levantine Hill Katherine’s Paddock Chardonnay

How fitting, how appropriate, how perfect is it that the Latin meaning for Katherine is ‘pure’.  This wine is pure power, pure elegance, pure deliciousness and a pure delight to drink.  I actually don’t think I need to say anymore…but of course, I will.

Bearing in mind this is Levantine Hill’s premium chardonnay, the very best of everything has been given to it when it comes to wine making and it shows.

On the nose it speaks of youthfulness.  It’s flinty, it’s spicy, it’s stonefruity and rich.  The palate is where is shouts the loudest.  It offers up so much flavour it took me ages to work out exactly where to start.  Again, rich, textural, spicy,  bucket loads of stonefruits spread across the palate and there is some delicate but proud acidity.  It’s full bodied as expected but so beautifully balanced, complexity abounds and the length is incredible.

This has been so beautifully and meticulously built you can enjoy it immediately or stash it away for, I dunno, however long you can keep your hands off it.

Levantine Hill Website

Region: Yarra Valley, Vic     Price: $125     Source: Online purchase


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