2017 Shanahans Wines ‘Resisting Temptation’ Rosé

If I had to nominate a my favourite grape variety when it comes to a rosé it would have to be Grenache.  Shiraz comes in second and very close in third spot is Sangiovese, so you can imagine my excitement when I discover a rosé made using two of my top three varieties.

The Forrest Gump movie is a classic and many of Forrest’s quotes continue to be used long after the movie was released.  One of those that sticks in my head is, “Jenny and me was like peas and carrots”.  In case you were wondering, this actually has a meaning which is, “…any two things that go well together, get along very well together, or are well-suited”.  I have to say these two varieties work very well together here.

The fancy clear bottle showcasing the pretty salmon pink colour of the wine makes it hard to resist (no pun intended) so, when it was cool enough, the screwcap was appropriately removed.  A red berry bouquet was clearly waiting to pounce on the senses and there was no time wasted tasting it.

The red fruits appear on the palate and here they show their freshness, brightness, perkiness, cheeriness and any other fun word you care to put ‘ness’ on the end of.  Don’t worry, it’s not all about the red fruits.  There is some extra ‘Bubba’ lip service (and we all remember how big that bottom lip was) from some cherries that add to a dry, persistent, slightly textural finish.

I’ve come up with a ‘ness’ word of my own for this wine.  Moreness, and this wine has plenty of it.

Shanahans Wines Website

Region: Barossa Valley, SA     Price: $20     Source: On line purchase (of sorts)



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