2015 Grey Sands Romanesque

Have you noticed how many Roman Empire constructions are still standing some 2000 years after they were built?  Well apparently they have worked out why.  A bloke by the name of Vitruvius (What was his mother thinking?!) wrote of “a kind of powder which from natural causes produces astonishing results”.  It was more so with maritime architecture where the sea hardened a blend of volcanic ash, lime and seawater which then mixed with an aggregate of volcanic rock.

In the article I was reading, it referred to a study by a smart lady at the University of Utah, Marie Jackson, where seawater found its way into the cracks of the construction and it dissolved some of the ash.  The alkali fluid allowed the minerals to develop which strengthened it and bonded the materials.  How cool is that?

Now, I’m not saying this wine has been built using this method or to last as long as some of the Roman structures we see today.  It is clearly a blend of three grape varieties that have bound together in a strong, united and unique way that will have “Friends, Romans and Countrymen…” lending their ears, eyes and tastebuds.

A blend of Shiraz, petit verdot and touriga franca, this is not a wine your going to find in many places around Australia let alone Tasmania.  A fruit forward wine with plenty of relatives from the berry family in the mix with bold blueberries holding the reins of this wine chariot.  There’s a cohort in support consisting of some subtle herbs and leafy notes, savouriness and soft smooth tannins bringing up the rear as it departs the arena triumphantly.

Grey Sands Website

Region: Glengarry, Tasmania     Price: $40     Source: Generous gift


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