2014 Mitchell Wines Peppertree Shiraz

Without going back through older blog posts, I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned about having preconceived ideas about a wine.  This can be a positive because that way I go into trying a wine with the right attitude.  That is how it panned out with this wine.  I have always had good experiences with the Mitchell wines be it white or, as in this case, red.

It is a really good, deep colour at the core but the wider you look and move out to the rim, the brighter the colour becomes.  It’s quite the picture.

The nose and palate work well together bringing similar characteristics emphasing the youthfulness of this wine.  This may not be familiar to some but, as you take a sip, it also has a dusty aroma mixed in with the fresh berries that remind me of a European shiraz/syrah.  Mind you, when you do taste it, that dustiness is soon history thanks to those fresh berries.

Sure, plenty of dark berries come into their own when drinking it but there is a red berry muscling in on the taste, and it does, adding a freshness.  I reckon it’s that youthfulness character I was talking about earlier in the piece.

There’s a bit going on with this wine towards the finish too.  There is a certain plushness to it thanks to the dark fruits that soon take over yet the tannins are a little distracting about now.  I’m not saying this a bad thing because this wine is drinking very nicely now however, this just tells me it has a promising future.  I’d love to see this wine in 5 years at least.

Mitchell Wines Website

Region: Clare Valley, SA     Price: $26     Source: Sample




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