2016 Angullong ‘Fossil Hill’ Barbera

The other day I was talking to a mate, who likes his wine, and the discussion went a bit like this.

Me: “I tried a really good Barbera the other day.”

My mate: “Barbera?  Never heard of it.”

My ‘wine snob’ response was, “Really?” (coupled with that stupid quizzical look on my face)

My mate: “Have you ever tried Appleton Estate”

Me: “Are they a new Tassie vineyard?”

My mate: “It’s a Caribbean Rum! (There’s a reality check for me)  What’s this Barbera like then?

Me: “Well, it’s a young wine so, fruit forward with plenty of fresh berries on the nose.  When you get to your favourite part, drinking it, it’s medium bodied, mainly dark berries, a bit of oak and tannin giving you plenty to think about long after you swallow it.  It’s pretty bloody good. How does that sound?”

My mate:  “Sounds pretty good to me! Right up my alley (nodding his head).

Me:  “It’s right up everyone’s alley I reckon”.


Region: Orange, NSW     Price: $26     Source: Sample



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