2016 Angullong ‘Fossil Hill’ Tempranillo

Living in the southern most capital city in Australia, we tend to miss out on a lot of things.  Famous entertainers (sadly), stage shows (take it or leave it), peak hour traffic (a good thing) or more importantly (as far as I’m concerned) quite a few wines from places that are not given space on a bottle shop shelf in these parts.

Thanks to David Cumming of  Define Wine  for this wine I have been introduced to, not only a region but a producer that I would have been none the wiser about.  That would have been a shame because if this one, my first from Angullong, is anything to go by, the bar has been set so high even Australian Commonwealth Games Pole Vaulter, Kym Howe, would struggle to get over it.

It’s a pretty deep colour for a young wine but the purplish rim is the indicator of its youth.  It has a fresh, vibrant berriness about it on the nose that, as I was taking it all in, I imagined throwing some ice cream on it and scooping it up with the biggest spoon I could find.  Mmmm!

So, back to the wine.  Tasting it provides that proof again that this is indeed still making its way through primary stages of its life.  Those aromas have brought with them a hint of spice plus some juicy plum characters that sit nicely on the palate.  Even though it is just below the ‘medium bodied’ spectrum, there is good texture and length.  So much so,  the screw cap was made redundant and the bottom of the bottle was exposed to the elements by the end of entrée.

I can certainly see why it won a Trophy and a gold medal for Best Other Red Variety at the 2017 Orange Wine Show and for the Best Dry Red Table Wine (Spanish & Italian Varieties) at the 2017 NSW Small Winemakers Wine Show.


Region: Orange, NSW     Price: $26     Source: Sample


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