2016 Taylors ‘Taylor Made’ Malbec

In case you didn’t know, there is a producer in Clare Valley who has some of the oldest Malbec vines in Australia, maybe even in the world.  It’s famous, there’s no other way to say it.

Now I’m not saying others in the Clare Valley shouldn’t put the same variety into bottle but gee, for those in the know, it’d want to be good.  This is!

It’s off to a really good start.  The colour is pretty dense.  If you don’t like the colour purple (and I’m not talking about the movie) look away now.

So, apart from the obvious dark fruits, there was a peppery note on the nose that made me think that it could have been a cool vintage in the Clare in 2016.  I didn’t bother using Google to find out because they were pretty inviting aromas so it didn’t really matter to me.

Crikey I could drink a lot of this.  It has a melange of coloured fruits.  Red, black and blue, spicy cherries play a role and plums seem to be all through this wine in spades.  It’s like it can’t find the right place to sit in your mouth until you realise it has filled the whole place!

It’s pleasantly medium bodied with plenty of length.  Oak and tannins didn’t bother showing up when I tasted it.  I’ve no doubt they are there but it’s a good indication how well this has come together already.  As I said, I could easily drink a lot of this.


Region: Clare Valley     Price: $25     Source: Retail Purchase

Taylor Made malbec

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