2017 Oakridge Meunier

I like the idea that Oakridge have dropped the ‘Pinot’ half of the name of this particular variety and called it simply ‘Meunier’.  It gives it, and the producer, the opportunity to show that it can stand on its own instead of being associated with a more famous Pinot thingy.

This is simply beautiful to look at, incredible to sniff and smell, and pretty amazing to drink.  I know it’s the wrong way to look at a wine but with this one, I put more thought into trying to find something I didn’t like about it.  Well, how do you reckon that went?  The bottle was empty (I did share it) and I had nothing, zip, zero, nada.  It’s probably more that I kept finding new and exciting things about this wine that I didn’t bother wasting my time on the negatives, as you’re about to see.

It’s incredibly fresh and full of ‘red fruit’ life.  The fruit is so delicately concentrated, the acid is so gentle, tannins are there but so fine and a lithe savoury note rides alongside everything.  There is bucket loads going on here but it is so beautifully balanced and the length!  It’s a brilliant wine.



Region: Yarra Valley     Price: $28     Source: Cellar Door Purchase (only available at CD)


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