2017 Irvine Spring Hill Riesling


I decided to put the bottle at the top of the page for this review for the simple reason, I’d like you to look at it before you read further.

What does the label tell you about the contents apart from the obvious?  In all honesty, not much really and that’s not unusual or unexpected from a punter’s perspective and that’s fair enough but it’s also a shame.  Where this label says little of the actual wine, the wine speaks loudly and proudly of the region, variety, vintage and winemaking.

If I had to sum it up in twelve words, they would be ‘Intense and flavoursome but delicate and soft with a long lingering finish‘ but you really need to know more because those twelve words are like the label on the front of this bottle.  They don’t tell you anywhere near enough about the wine.

My first smell conjured up thoughts of there possibly being some residual sugar but with the added aroma citrus fruits chiming in, I knew this was going to be balanced from top to toe.  This really didn’t prepare me for what I was about to taste.  Those citrus fruit flavours increase on the palate and continue to do so, then it seems to reach a plateau of intensity and acidic delicacy that just hangs there.  I said earlier I knew this was going to be balanced and it is beautifully so.  Very much enjoyed what was underneath the understated label that’s for sure.

Irvine Wines

Region: Eden Valley, SA     Price: $24     Source: Swap

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