2017 Pig in the House Organic Rosé

You may have noticed that we here in the Peters household have been indulging in a few Rosé wines of late.  And why wouldn’t we?!  There are so many quality versions out there and with the weather so summer-sational of late,  it just needs to be done.

The quality of the Rosés continue for us with this snappy and surprising one from Pig in the House.

Let me clarify the word ‘surprising’.  The colour did not present particularly well for me.  I thought, light in colour, light in flavour, light in interest.  When I smelt it, tasted it and shared it, it was like it slapped me across the cheeks in disgust…and rightly so.  It deserved to be treated with respect.

It’s all about the lovely fruit here.  Even on the nose it comes up smiling strawberries and nice ripe watermelon.  Similar when tasting it too, and even though it’s Sangiovese dominant, there is almost a ‘Pinot Noir Rosé’ cherry spiciness to it that adds a pretty cool savoury dimension.  Some of it was fermented in old oak barrels which adds a nice bit of texture and interest but I reckon the fruit has performed pretty well regardless of these ‘co-habitants’ of the wine.

A delicious wine that is very easy to drink whenever you feel like it.  With food, with friends, with family, with fun.  It’s that versatile really.


Region: Cowra, NSW     Price: $25     Source: Sample courtesy of Define Wine

Pig in the House Rose

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