2014 Domaine Dawnelle Tinderbox Pinot Noir

Tinderbox is a rather unique, 20+ year old, north facing vineyard south of Hobart. Domaine Dawnelle owner and winemaker, Michael O’Brien, looked after the vineyard for 5 or so years and knows exactly that this fruit has plenty to offer.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m a big fan of Tasmania, a big fan of pinot noir and a big fan when both appear on a wine bottle label.

I know it’s not everything when it comes to wine but, this (and other wines of Domaine Dawnelle) present very well in a line up.  The bottle shape, the simple yet stylish label and cork.  Yep, true as I’m typing this, there’s a bung in the bottle.  It will raise questions but it’ll excite the wine purists without a doubt.

Sorry, about the wine.

It is in no way simple like the label but definitely stylish.  It’s a rich style pinot but it has been true to the variety offering plenty on the palate yet elegance has been very carefully considered.  Clearly the fruit has been treated with respect.  “Dark fruits” are the words here, mid palate coating plumminess, sweet-ish cherry fruit with skins on and the tannins are hanging in very nicely indeed.  I don’t know that it has a long future but it certainly has a big future.


Region: Channel area, Hobart, Tasmania     Price: $56     Source: Sample


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