2017 Pig in the House Organic/Biodynamic Chardonnay

If someone said to me, “When you’re in New South Wales, make sure you visit Cowra.  There’s some nice wines coming out of there,” it would be met with a rather quizzical look and a raised eyebrow.  Hold that thought.

This one from the Windowrie guys is worth having a good look at.  It’s organic and biodynamic and will attract those who hunt down this type of wine, but I reckon it will be more widespread because of how ‘chardonnay’ it is.

It shows itself as Chardonnay from the start.  Stone-fruits are evident but it was like it had been sharing a fruit basket with pears and bananas (just my opinion of course).  There is a nice texture to it as well, along the lines of pear peel (or skin whatever your preferred term is).  The other thing coming to mind was a mealy, yeasty, European wheat beer flavour/aroma (without the fizz and froth) which I thought was a nice, delicate and interesting dimension.

Now, I must say, it took a little time to settle down but when it did, it impressed me.  My advice, for what it’s worth and I know I’ve said this before when it come to white wines… don’t serve it too cold.  I’d be more than happy to tell my friends about this Chardy.


Region: Cowra, NSW     Price: $25     Source: Sample courtesy of Define Wine and Windowrie

Pig In The House Chard

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