2017 Raidis Estate Cheeky Goat Pinot Gris

Over the last 10 days I have tasted or drank five different pinot gris’ (is that the plural for gris?).  I realise that does not sound particularly healthy but I will clarify that by saying, tasted three, assisted with the consumption of two…mainly because I was enjoying a glass with my wife but also for research purposes.

Of those five, four of them had various shades of a coppery tone to them.  One of them was almost rosé like in appearance!  This appearance in a Gris can, and does, polarise opinion among wine show judges and punters alike.  Well, I’m more than happy to see Gris left on skins a bit longer to grab some of that colour out of the skins to give it a point of difference compared to other white varieties.  I hope you a-Gris (sorry, couldn’t help myself).

This is Gris from head to toe and unashamedly so.  Pears on the nose, pears on the palate, pears to finish off but juicy and delicious with a lovely textural mouthfeel.  Balanced nicely with a touch of sweetness and spice, it’s pretty obvious that Steve Raidis has paid particular attention to making sure everything has lined up perfectly.  I liked this a lot! No wonder this wine sells out.


Region: Coonawarra     Price: $24     Source: Cellar door purchase


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  1. frankstero says:

    Thanks for your dedicated research!

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