2015 Yelland & Papps Greenock Shiraz

The 25th day of June means different things to different people.  I doubt, however, there are those who would remember this day in 1630 when the fork was introduced to American dining.  Others may remember it as the day in 1984 when Prince released his best selling album ‘Purple Rain’.  Some will remember it for the day in 2006 when two world famous Aussies, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban tied the knot.

The 25th day of June in the year 2017 was the day I was introduced to the 2015 Yelland & Papps Greenock Shiraz.  I’m sure this specific moment is not going to be a Trivial Pursuit question like the other significant events in history but it’s all relative I reckon.

I’m very familiar with the Greenock region of the Barossa having been introduced to wines from the region many years ago.

Fast forward to now and here is a team that has captured all the goodness of rich and plump, dark, slightly sweet fruit aromas and flavours, with a lingering smooth mouth-filling richness that reeks class.

What also needs to be said is the deft use of new & old, French & American oak that has assisted in producing a sumptuous Shiraz capturing the Greenock region perfectly for me, all at a modest 13.7% alcohol.

A welcoming, giving wine from start to finish that sits proudly in the upper middle class of the Y&P range but presents as a high end member of Barossa Society.


Region: Barossa Valley     Price: $40     Source: Sample


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