2016 Mitchell Watervale Riesling

I don’t know if you have ever eaten at Rockpool in Sydney.  It doesn’t matter when you dine there you are guaranteed a dining experience like no other and it is consistently like that…so I’m told.

Clare Valley Riesling is the same no matter how you look at it.  Every time you drink it, you are guaranteed a memorable experience.  Here is one from the guys at Mitchell reinforcing the thought and it does so with a lot more ease and at a very small percentage of the cost of eating at Rockpool.

Okay, so it’s definitely Riesling on the nose, no bones about that, but tasting it is where it really impresses.  Youthful and zesty right from the word go which stays with the wine, however it also has such a lovely texture about it giving a delightful balance and generosity that I just loved!

If you prefer your Rieslings with a little bit of age then you’ll have no problems with this one rewarding your patience.

This Riesling has everything going for it when it comes to drinkability, enjoyability, respectability, cellarability but most importantly, affordability.  Buy up I say.


Region: Clare Valley     Price: $24     Source: Sample


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