2016 Yelland & Papps Second Take Vermentino

Humans are curious by nature.  I think I am more so, probably an occupational hazard. If something catches my eye, I have to check it out more thoroughly.

“279 days on skins” piqued my interest big time!

Don’t try too hard with the aromas.  You don’t need to.  They seem to come in and tell you to move right along and taste it, and you can’t help but do just that.

The fruit flavours seem to pile up, giving plenty and tantalise the taste buds.  If you go into your local fruit & vegie store (not one of the big guys), you could point your finger at almost any of the fruits and its flavour would be in this wine.

The finish is generous too. The extended skin contact plays its part here adding the texture and almost grapefruity like character…in a good way.  The other thing that, dare I say, is a surprise is that it has a bit of length to it which adds to the intrigue of this wine.

My advice, don’t serve this novel little gem cold.  It much prefers being a cool dude.


Region: Barossa Valley     Price: $40     Source: Sample

Y&P Second Take Vermentino

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