2016 Moores Hill Riesling

I read an article today that used the word ‘leitmotif’.   Sorry, but you should highlight it, right click and google search it because it is the perfect word when it comes to Tasmanian riesling.  This wine is one of the pillars that holds up the mantle that showcases how good the island state makes this variety.

Such a lovely floral nose that just drags you in to taste it.  As you’d expect it’s lively, fresh, full of life and literally singing in the glass.  The acid is such that it grabs the fruit and carries it along the palate very slowly and doesn’t seem to want to let go.  You’ll find yourself keeping it in your mouth, not wanting to swallow it.  A refreshingly zingy wine that will excite the discerning riesling drinker.


Region: Tasmania     Price: $30     Source: Tasting


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