2016 Irvine Eden Valley Riesling

The youthfulness is obvious as soon as you pour it.  Almost water-like in colour.  The floral and citrus aromas that rose from the glass were a sign of things to come.

Lemons, limes do their bit, of course, but with some added texture hangs on the palate, then a fresh ‘biting-into-an-apple’ acid tang to finish it off.  Actually, everything is so fresh and new about this wine, and so attractive too (even the label!).

I’m going to take my hat off to the crew at Irvine.  To produce a Riesling for the first time from a region well known for the quality of this variety is pretty gutsy.  If they felt any pressure in doing so, it is not reflected in this excellent example.


Region: Eden Valley     Price: $22 (Bargain!)     Source: Sample


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