2016 Irvine Pinot Gris

Let’s kick off this tasting note with a confession.  I like Pinot Gris.  I have to add though, it has to be quality Pinot Gris.  This isn’t just quality, it’s classy and definitely one I like.

I’ll give you a little heads up.  There is not a hair out of place with this gem.

It looks clean, pristine and dressed to impress.  Pears kick it off on the nose then peaches coupled with pear skins bring it down softly onto the palate where it makes it presence felt. Rich, textural with a lovely mouth feel, it finishes a touch dry but is as smooth as silk and has impressive length to it too. This is also a terrific food wine.

Summer is just around the corner.  Find it, buy it, serve it up.  Your friends will love you for it.  At only $22, how could you not!!


Region:  Eden Valley     Price:$22     Source:  Sample


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