2016 Hentley Farm Rosé

This may sound a little harsh but I sometimes wonder what is trying to be achieved with some rosés.  Don’t get me wrong I like rosé but some I have tried were one dimensional, lacking any personality and seemed a bit sad really.  I will admit to gravitating towards those made using grenache, shiraz or cabernet franc.  This one is predominately grenache with 15% shiraz.

Straight up, love the colour (my wife said, “stunning”).  It looks so clean, fresh and lively! Initially it was not as lively on the nose or palate and I take full responsibility for that.  It was way too cold.  When it got going, it was also lively on the nose too.

Red berries come to the fore on the (slightly subdued) palate and again, it just seems so fresh!  The one thing that really impressed me with this wine is it’s finish.  Lovely, a touch spicy and dry.  Yep, dry!  Exactly how I like my rosés.

The warmer weather will soon be upon us and this is going to compliment it perfectly.


Region: Barossa Valley     Price: $21.50     Source: Sample



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