2016 Hently Farm Brass Monkey Vineyards Pinot Grigio

I’m going to say straight up I love it when wineries, and winemakers for that matter, treat a grape differently than what is generally expected.  It is almost like there’s an attitude of, “let’s give the punter something different but with something the same”.  That’s what has happened here and it’s been done in a very intriguing, captivating way.

The colour, as expected for a 2016 wine, is clear but with a pale lemon hue.  On the nose there is a hint of that ‘something different’ like a spicy character of some description. Then the palate is where, with this wine, it lets you know about the six degrees of separation between the styles of Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris and it is done in such a subtle way.  Confusing I know but that is the intrigue of this wine.

There is the pear character including the smooth texture of it’s skin.  Some stone fruit nuances are flitting about but are soft and complimentary.  It’s lively, crisp and bright with a lovely mouth-feel in a ‘Gris’ sort of way but without the alcohol.

The finish is going to surprise you.  That mouth-feel is back but it has an added dryness which is perfectly balanced out by the fruit.  It is a very good food wine, no doubt.  My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Drink it with Salt & Pepper Calamari and it’s a win/win.


Region: Adelaide Hills, South Australia     Price: $21.50     Source: Sample


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