2013 Wirra Wirra Scrubby Rise Shiraz Blend

We have been to the Wirra Wirra cellar door in McLaren Vale (which won’t come as a surprise to many who know me) and again we had a great experience.  I suppose we were lucky because, being the only ones there at the time, the lady behind the counter was terrific.  We had her undivided attention.  The other thing that impressed me was, we were able to taste every wine free (we walked away with some goodies too).

When you do taste their range and get to the flagship wines, you tend to forget how good a value this range of  wines are.

Firstly, I love the label.  I mean, how cool is it! Admittedly there is a story behind it so go to the website and check it out.

As much as I would like to tell you what I saw in this wine, it is much easier for me to say, it is a very easy wine to drink.  For the price, it gives you plenty and does so in a humble sort of way.  I also have to admit, this is the first time I have bought it since tasting it at the cellar door three or four years ago.

If you want a good wine that has lots of plummy colours and aromas.  You’ve got it.  If you want a wine that gives you a nice juicy, soft, slightly sweet (fruit), smooth palate.  You’ve got it.  Anything you want in a great value wine, you’ve got it tucked neatly under a screwcap.  Lap it up!

Region: McLaren & Fleurieu     Price: $15     Source: Bottle Shop




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