2015 Rogers & Rufus Grenache Rosé

Go onto the website and read about these two fellows.  Rogers (fisherman) and Rufus (surfer) sound like a couple of dudes that clearly are enjoying life and love making wine.  The other pretty cool thing is, they make one wine. This wine.  And they do a mighty fine job of it.

The (almost) fluorescent pink colour is just great and make sure you have a good whiff of it.  It is quite an aromatic rosé and you’ll find yourself wanting to reach for some cream or ice cream because the first thing you’ll get is fresh strawberries.

When I tasted it, I got the strawberries again but with a savoury, sort of spicy, cherry flavour too with a soft citrusy, slightly acidic finish.

The worst part about this wine is you just seemed to want to keep drinking it.  This may have been exacerbated by the fact it was 31 degrees in Hobart yesterday when we opened it.  Regardless of this fact, it’s extremely moreish!

Region: Barossa Valley     Price: $17.95     Source: Gift



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