2015 De Bortoli Bella Riva Sangiovese Rosé

The De Bortoli family and their wines need no introduction but what I will say is, they were established in 1928 and are still family owned with the third generation keeping the tradition going producing quality wines in every price range.

Sangiovese is probably the most widely planted grape variety in Italy (155,000 acres) and is used in a wide variety of wine styles.  The most common is in Chianti.  I was surprised to read on Vinodiversity (www.vinodiverity.com) just how many Australian wineries are using and/or growing sangiovese.

We much prefer our rosé dry and this one fits the bill perfectly for us.  It is an inviting blush red colour like the cheeks of my (currently teething) grandson.  The nose was a bit closed but when the wine warmed a little, cherries introduced themselves and it just got better from there.  The palate was savoury and dry and I detected a hint of spice but that may have been due to the bruschetta I was eating at the time.

We opened this wine just after 4.00pm.  We had had a busy day doing things around the house and it was a beautiful afternoon in Hobart.  We wanted something to drink but it needed to be more than a white wine and red wine was not an option because we wanted something refreshing.  My wife got out some olives, cheese and bruschetta and that’s when I remembered I had this wine in the fridge downstairs.  It made for a perfect lead in to our Saturday night at home.

Region: King Valley     Price: $18     Source: Gift


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