I have no doubt I’m am going to cop some criticism for my next comment and it may well show my naivety with some wines.  I have not bothered with Prosecco because I thought it was in the same category as Moscato just spelt differently.  I also have to admit, I didn’t bother to find out if they were different.

Thanks to a good mate, I received this as a gift and, you know what, it was a very pleasant surprise.  I may well be convinced to try some others.

Firstly, who has heard of the grape variety Glera?  If you answered yes, my reply would be, “Really?”  If you answered no, welcome to my world.  Wikipedia tells me the Romans were great fans.  If the Italians keep making it like this, count me in.

Initially it didn’t impress me but that was my fault.  It was too cold.  I left it out of the fridge for a short while and when it started to ‘warm’ a lot more flavours appeared.  Think of sparkling Chardonnay but with a touch,and I mean a touch, of fruit sweetness.  It was quite delicate and, to quote my wife, “soft to drink”.  A perfect aperitif I must say.

De Bortoli are the main avenue for this wine but, if you google it, you should find it in bottleshops for around $15 which is a damn good price for this well presented, tasty bubbly.

Region: Italy     Price: $15     Source: Gift



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