2013 Rymill Coonawarra Brut

Most people are aware of the amazing sparkling wines being produced in Tasmania.  I’ll be the first to admit to having blinkers on when it comes to selecting and drinking this style of wine.

I’ll also have to admit to not knowing there is sparkling white wine being produced in Coonawarra.  I knew there was sparkling red wines and, as you would expect, they are very good.  So, I was pleased and curious at the same time when I opened the box and in it was this little gem.

My wife and I were immediately taken by the pale copper colour and the nice fine bead which dissipated slowly.  I’m not sure of the percentages of the grape varieties in this wine but on the nose I got strawberries first and a gentle whiff of freshly baked and cut ciabatta.

Drinking it was way too easy.  It has texture, mouth feel and such a hit of flavour that Phil Collins could write a drum solo long enough to accompany it right through to a cymbal crashing finish.  We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Well done to the Rymill team.  At $25 this has me thinking outside the island I live on for quality sparkling wine.

Region: Coonawarra, SA     Cost: $25     Source: Swap



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