2013 Yelland & Papps Cabernet Sauvignon

Firstly, how cool is the label on this wine?  Our friends commented on it as soon as I put it on the table at their home last weekend and it was the topic of conversation for quite a few minutes thereafter.  The general consensus among us was, if this was in a boutique bottleshop (as opposed to the BIG buggers), the young and not-so-young would buy it on the label alone!

Okay, better talk about the wine because that’s what you’re really here to find out about, correct?

It was the first wine tasted and my mate said it took him back to the days of picking blackberries on the side of the road and throwing a handful of them in your mouth! I have to say, he was spot on.  For me, there was a lovely hit of ‘berry allsorts’ with a sort of leafy/herbally character in the mix.  Initially, everyone enjoyed it.

Then the pizza came out and it seemed to close up like a venus flytrap that took a disliking to a particular member of the Calliphoriade family (sounds better than blowfly) offering itself up as main course.  According to Wikipedia, they much prefer ants and spiders over flies.

I think the flavours may have been too strong for the wine and I take full responsibility for that.  We all agreed that next time (and there will be a next time) we will have a good old, basic, Sunday lamb roast  lunch to allow this wine to show it’s best.

Please do not be put off by this.  It is a good wine.  We just didn’t give it the opportunity to show how good.




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