2012 Best’s Great Western Bin 0 Shiraz

Picture this if you will.  You arrive at a classical music concert and the orchestra members are tuning their instruments and it sounds like a bit of a mish mash of tones and notes.  The conductor steps onto the stage, taps his baton on the lectern, raises both his arms in the air and with the movement of his baton the orchestra produces beautiful music.

That was the first thought that came to my mind when I tasted this wine.

It seemed a lot like it was teasing me with snippets of what it could do with the deep, alluring colour that demanded you take in its aromas that were intense and lively.  But then, with the introduction of the decanter, everything came together beautifully.

The blue/black fruits, trademark cool climate pepper, subtle spice followed by the crescendo which was the lovely mouth feel of creamy oak and long velvety tannins.  This piece of ‘music’ is going to be stuck in my head for a very long time.

Okay, at $85 a bottle it is not exactly accessible to a lot of wine consumers but, if an opportunity comes along like one did for me (leftovers from the Royal Hobart International Wine Show), grab it with both hands and make sure there is a wine glass in one of them.  It will be an experience that you will remember for some time.

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