Rare Ozzies. A Hundred Rare Australian Wine Varieties. Author: Darby Higgs (Vinodiversity)

I used to read a lot. I still read quite a bit but not as much as I used to or should. I’ve read pretty thick books that involved plenty of pages, almost into the four digits. From what I can remember, this one, consisting of just over 100 pages, took me longer to read than any other book I have read for a number of reason but let me explain the two main ones.

Firstly, the subject. This was always going to attract my attention. It’s about wine grapes! I have been introduced to a number of ‘alternative’ varieties grown and bottled in Australia and, if I see a variety I’ve not seen before, I buy it. This book is only going to feed that curiosity and has provided a legitimate excuse to open my wallet.

Secondly, I couldn’t help myself but research a number of the varieties in the book even more so, which included where I could get the wines mentioned. I didn’t realise just how many vineyards grow these varieties and how many producers are more than happy to bottle them. Have you heard of Arinto, Fernao Pires or Prieto Picudo? As a result of reading this book, I now have bottles of these varieties on the way.

I really appreciate being sent this book by the author Darby Higgs. It is truly a fascinating read for any wine geek (like me).


Rare Ozzies book By Darby Higgs
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2 Responses to Rare Ozzies. A Hundred Rare Australian Wine Varieties. Author: Darby Higgs (Vinodiversity)

  1. Simon Colwell says:

    Which wineries did you buy the Arinto, Fernao Pires and Prieto Picudo from ? And did you ever buy that Jancis Robinson wine grapes book that came out a few years ago ? I’m wondering if it’s worth getting.


    • Tony Peters says:

      Matriarch & Rogue in the Clare Valley. No I didn’t get that book. I’ll have a look online and there a couple of very good second hand bookshops in Hobart I can check out as well.


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