2013 Rymill Coonawarra MC² Red Blend

No doubt, like me, you look at the ‘MC²’ and immediately think of that famous genius, John Rymill (that’s who you were thinking of, weren’t you?), and his team who thought up the term in light of the Merlot (M) and Cabernet/Cabernet Franc (C²) reference and blend.  I reckon it’s a great idea.

The colour is dense. There is no other word for it.  The nose says “hello blackberries and blackcurrants”.  So the important part, drinking it, is a “Really?!” moment.  Those black fruits come flowing back but there’s the addition of some pepper and spice with the merlot claiming the mid palate as it’s home.

My opinion only of course but, this seems to be much more than a 20 buck red wine.  I have to say straight up that it’s an easy wine to like and drink.  It is also very easy to match with any red meat dish, from snags on the bbq to roast beef but even just a block of hard cheese. Seriously!  It doesn’t take any of Einsteins theories to work out that this is a bargain.


Region: Coonawarra, South Australia     Price: $20     Source: Swap


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