2014 Pikes Traditionale Riesling

This Clare Valley winery ended up on my favourites list quickly.  The entire range is very good and so well priced.

This is the 30th Traditionale Riesling and I have been lucky enough to try a few of them. Well, I think ’07, ’12, ’13 & ’14 is a few.  It’s definitely more than a couple.

What a simply delicious wine.  That about sums it up in five words really.

Clean, crisp, zesty, minerally, lemons/limes, florally and long.  It’s very drinkable already because the acid is so silky soft too.  No wonder it’s so popular.  I’m glad I bought a six pack.

It’s also a very ‘flexible’ wine.  We drank it, for no other reason than, because it was such a beautiful, warm, sunny day in Hobart and it was perfect.

Not sure if the 2014 is still available but I do know the 2015 is the current release.  I haven’t tried it yet but I have heard very good things.

I’m pretty sure I’ve worked out the reason Clive Palmer was counting his money recently during Parliamentary Question Time.  He was making sure he had $25 to pick up a bottle of this on his way home after such an arduous day pushing for gender equality in cabinet.



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4 Responses to 2014 Pikes Traditionale Riesling

  1. I always drink Pikes, just because! #Greatwine #clarevalley

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  2. jarrad rohrlach says:

    Love it tony! Clive would too haha


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